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I Don’t Get It.

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

What’s the deal with rubber bands. I mean who makes these things? Goodyear? Or are they leftovers from condoms gone wrong.

Does anybody actually sell rubber bands? I mean you get them for free all the time. Two bands encase our asperagus and whatever meat we buy at the market, wrapped in brown paper and a rubber band around it.

 We have a small bowl on a shelf in our kitchen that is choked with rubber bands. We’re never going to use as many as we’ve accumulated. I almost feel kind of sorry for those bands stuck at the bottom of that bowl.

 I need uses for our rubber bands. And with zip lock plastic bagies for cheese and leftovers and stuff like that we don’t even use our stack of bands to seal things. I’m always finding I’ve got a rubber band around my wrist or fore arm and I only become aware of that after my hand has gone numb.

 Can you turn old rubber bands in like empty beer bottles? Make a little cash off them. I feel so stupid with this pile of bands. And we just keep adding to it. I don’t imagine they’re too biodegradable. If I could make a tire for our car or a rubber raft for the beach. Something!

 Anyhow, I don’t mean to burden you. This is my dilemma. I’ll just go on collecting, piling, stacking rubber bands till that rubber band market picks up. But, if there is a global rubber band shortage, I’ll be able to save the day.

Are they called rubber bands? Or elastic bands? Or are they rubber bands with a lot of elasticity?

 You ponder. I don’t have time.