Big Deal.

My wife and I are pretty excited. We just bought a piece of heaven. Water front property in Manitoba. . . . Well, it’s water front today.

They’ve designed a golf ball that will eliminate up to seventy percent of your hook or slice. Well call me a skeptic, but I’ve dumped loads of dosh on golfer’s junk , tees, shoes, gloves and an assortment of clubs and they all guaranteed to make my ball go further and straighter. And they do. My balls go much further into the rough than ever before. So, you could spend your money on these gimmicky golf balls or you might consider dropping a few bucks on a lesson.

 Speaking of lessons, I’ve never understood why golf pros give you that first lesson on a nice flat, open stretch of grass. Because for the next few years the only time you’ll see that lovely stretch of fairway is when you’re crossing it to look for your ball in the rough.

 Golf: I’m as accurate at playing golf as I am in archery. Except in archery I’m not obligated to yell “fore

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